Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is a two-engine medium-range airliner, that can accomodate 150 passengers in a standard configuration. The aircraft competes in the same market as the Boeing 737.

Global Airways A320's are from the A320-231 series, with a two-man flight deck configuration and IAE V2500 Engines.

The aircraft are JAR ops Compliant including RVSM.

McDonnell Douglas MD-82

The McDonnell Douglas MD-82 is a twin-engine, medium-range, single-aisle commercial jet airplane. The MD-80 aircraft is part of the second generation of DC-9's, with a much longer fuselage. The MD-82 series has seating capacity up to 166 passengers.

Global Airways MD's are from the 82 series, which is JAR Ops compliant including RVSM.