Global Airways operates a mixed Airbus fleet of A320 Narrow Body and A340 Wide Body Aircraft, from our bases around the world. We can dispatch our aircraft to virtually any region in the world in a variety of customisable cabin configurations to suit any operational requirement. 


Since introducing the Airbus fleet type in 2014, Global Airways has established itself as the second fully licensed and currently one of only two Airbus operators in South Africa. Through our Part 145 approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, Global Aerotech, we have the complete support of Airbus Industries to service and maintain our aircraft, conforming to the highest local and international industry standards. 

The Airbus aircraft has proven to be both economical and versatile for Global Airways including our various airline partners worldwide, capable of adapting to their unique needs and requirements. Today, Global Airways proudly operates the largest privately owned fleet of Airbus aircraft in Sub-Saharan Africa



Passengers love its comfort and space; Airlines its economic performance and versatile capabilities. Since its introduction, the Airbus A320 has set the benchmark in narrow-body operations. 

The Global Airways A320 fleet can be configured in either a mixed 162 class configuration or 180 all economy to offer our airline partners, and tour operators the versatility they require depending on their operational needs.  

Going with a neutral look, all our cabins are fitted with Recaro seats, custom LED lighting, capable of delivering various desired ambient settings, which further integrates with any existing product. 

Length Overall

37.57 m


34.10 m

Tail Height

11.76 m 


2 x IAE V2500


162,000 lbs

Fuel Capacity 

42,210 lbs

Maximum Range

3600 mile (5,700km)

Maximum Speed

454 kt (840 km/hr)


150 (Typical Mixed Class Configuration) 

162 (Mixed Class Dense Configuration) 

180 (High Density Configuration) 

Pilots – 2

Cabin Crew – 4

ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) is a highly specialized field, requiring attention to detail to ensure all the airline customers needs are met, both timely and in an operationally-sound manner.

AIRBUS A340-500


Global Airways operates its Airbus A340-500 with a cabin configuration of 356 all economy seats.  Combine this with the aircraft’s performance, comfort and range and the A340 makes for a highly efficient ultra-long-haul aircraft for Low-Cost carriers, Governments and Tour Operators worldwide. 

The four-engine, twin aisle wide-body jetliner has an impressive range of up to 9,000 nautical miles, which allows the A340-500 to operate some of the worlds longest non-stop routes. 

With its wide cabin, Content-on-Demand WIFI entertainment streaming service and LED fitted ambient lighting system the aircraft can easily be introduced on many existing routes or a substitute for an existing fleet. 

Please Note: The cabin can be configured into a mixed class configuration upon request. 

Length Overall

67.93 m

Cabin Length

53.56 m 


63.45 m

Tail Height

17,53 m 


4 x Rolls-Royce Trent 500

Max Take-Off Weight

380.00 tonnes

Max Landing Weight

246.00 tonnes

Max Zero Fuel Weight 

232.00 tonnes

Fuel Capacity 

222,850 liters

Maximum Range

9000 mile (16,670 km)

Maximum Speed

Mach 0.86 (493 kn; 914 km/h)


356 – All Economy Cabin 

Please contact us for further cabin configuration options. 


31 – LD3 Capacity Underfloor 

10 – Max pallet number underfloor

Pilots – 2

Cabin Crew – 8